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Hello, and welcome to a little history on Bibbens Communications Internet, Inc...  

BCI began planning operations in the Spring of 1995, going online October 1, 1995. Early operations featured a grand total of 8 modems and 1 file server! BCI's first taste of providing dial-up connectivity began in the basement of a house in downtown Jordan, New York.

On April 1, 1996, opportunity and expansion allowed the business to move into a commercial building located at 17 South Main St. in Jordan, and luckily this was across the road from it’s basement location... not far to move.

In January 1998, vast improvements were made to the premises and expansion of dialup equipment were again required. In May 1998 BCI expanded to 148 modems on 2 separate dialup systems. 17 South Main Street was a growing and changing place. In this short period of time, BCI expanded its payroll from 1 full time employee and 2 contract personnel to 8 full time and several part time employees.

In early 1999, BCI again expanded with additional dialup equipment co-located at the State Tower Building in Syracuse, New York. There were now in place 3 separate dialup systems using 248 modems servicing the 315 area code in Central New York State. The 600 square foot facility in downtown Jordan was again getting cramped.

On February 28, 2000, BCI and Wayne’s Computer again relocated to a 6,000 square foot commercial facility on Route 5, 3 miles west of Elbridge, a mear 4 miles from old 17 South Main Street. Prior to occupancy, the entire facility was rennovated from floor to roof, from one end to the other. The new facility features a climate controlled server room, corporate offices, a billing office, rental offices, plenty of floor space, technician offices, an employee lounge, PC and Macintosh repair area, storage areas and plenty of off-street parking.

During the same year, a possible hint of the future BCI began to unfold, Greg Bibbens began in earnest as a part time employee with expanded opportunities in computer repair, customer service and web page development.

On to 2001. It was time to replace old, tryed and true dialup equipment. BCI began a year long project of updating and replacing all dialup equipment. BCI also expanded and relocated in yet another co-lo facility off Carrier Circle in Syracuse. This time services were provided by Adelphia. This gave BCI 4 colocation facilities, that feature Cisco, 3Comm, Patton and Ariel equipment.

In November 2002, an important change takes place. Wayne and Linda Bibbens decided to stake their hard work and reputation on their own name... the name of the company is now Bibbens Communications Internet, Inc. Further, the domain BCI.Net was secured from a company in Austrailia. The company website, e-mail, DNS servers are now BCI.Net.

The next breakthrough for BCI came in March 2003.... BCI now offers dialup access in all 50 states. The same great service and support is now being offered nationwide as well as locally. In the fall of 2003, BCI "HighSpeed" was offered locally and nationwide. The "6x" web content accelerator delivered speed dial-up customers have been asking for, at a extremely low cost.

In December 2005, BCI began offering Very High-Speed Wireless Internet Service in nearby Weedsport, New York and near the BCI Store on Route 5 near Elbridge. BCI Wireless Internet is faster than Road Runner or DSL and delivered at a lower monthly rate, beginning at $15 per month.

In the spring of 2008 BCI began offering DSL to customers in all 50 states. With a "self-install" kit, no long term contract and very competitive pricing BCI DSL service is a very attractive offering. In July 2008, BCI began offering v.92 connectivity to all USA dialup customers.

Throughout all these changes since 1995, BCI’s philosophy has remained the same...provide the best service with the best equipment with the best people available. In addition to Nationwide customers, BCI continues to provide exceptional local access in the 315 area code in Central New York.

BCI is a full service Internet Service Provider, offering...
• Web Page Hosting
• Domain Names
• E-mail
• Dialup Accounts for Macintosh and Windows based computers
• FTP Accounts
• E-Commerce
• Web Graphics
• Mailing Lists
• PPP (Point to Point Protocol) connections to the Internet.

Our service supports both Macintosh and Window based computers. BCI also provide access to customers that use Unix and OS/2.

BCI stresses 3 important goals to help make your Internet experience a pleasant one...
1. No busy signals... We have a low user to modem ratio, usually 5:1 or less.
2. Reliable connections... Good performance and no dropped connections.
3. Great customer service.

We strive to make you happy, one customer at a time, with a real full time staff that is experienced in all aspects of Internet life.

Thank you for reading this far!!!

Wayne Bibbens, Pres.
Bibbens Communications Internet, Inc.

Bibbens Communications Internet, Inc.
100 Route 5 West
PO Box 1350
Elbridge, NY 13060

Telephone (315) 689-3400

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